Unshakeable Masterclass +

With Spencer Combs

Join Us For a Transformational Event!

It would be my honor for you and your guests to come join us

Unshakeable Agents have more Profit, Productivity, and Purpose!

Jacksonville, FL

Friday, March 29th, 9a-12p

Lexington, SC

Friday, May 17th, 9a-12p

A Three-hour event to develop Unshakeable Drive

Learn Mindset, Mechanics, and Movements of Unshakeable Agents

Small-Group - Large Mindset

With Spencer's unique approach to hosting a Mastermind you will have maximum impact in a very short period of time. Part of the day will be spent grouped into smaller groups with other like-minded agents, creating a synergy that will long last beyond your event!

Limited Offer

Unshakeable Drive Book Launch Team

Every one at the event that gets an advanced copy of the upcoming book, Momentum & Mastery, will get added bonuses!

What You'll Learn

  • Stop Settling; Start Moving Forward

  • Break Free from the drift using the 4 Factors of Drive

  • Get the Competitive Edge using the Unshakeable Mindset

  • How to deal with the biggest challenge you are currently facing in your business

  • Uncovering and breaking through the 4 types of resistance

  • How to enhance your life and career

Learn proven principles and strategies from Author Spencer Combs' upcoming book Unshakeable Drive
that will energize any group. You’ll create a competitive edge by discovering real life principles that have been utilized by many top agent, teams, and organizations (Real Estate Brokerages, Insurance Agencies, Mortgage Originators, and more) to create unshakeable results… and you’ll leave with a personal action item(s) to accelerate your career, team or organization.

Spencer Combs is a distinguished professional who has significantly contributed to the entrepreneurial landscape, aiding numerous business owners in achieving exponential growth, collectively surpassing $200 million in recent sales figures. His expertise lies in swiftly identifying core issues and providing incisive, clear guidance, which has been instrumental in facilitating transformative experiences for many individuals.

Boasting over nearly two decades of experience in coaching, Spencer has established himself as an expert in catalyzing breakthroughs and fostering results-driven progress. His credentials include being a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), alongside his roles as a life coach, business coach, speaker, and trainer. This blend of roles underlines his dedication to guiding others towards enriched, fulfilling lives.

For professional connections or to engage with his insights, Spencer Combs can be reached at info@spencercombs.com.

Additionally, he maintains an active presence on social media, where he continues to share his expertise and connect with a broader audience [Social Media HERE].

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